Sponsorship Program


Together, as a community, we can sponsor pigs in rescues or sanctuaries. A sponsorship is a recurring monthly gift donation intended to offset the cost of care for a particular pig. The sponsorship donation helps to cover expenses such as food, bedding, medical needs, veterinary expenses, and other routine needs. Rescues and sanctuaries often depend on these sponsorships to cover the daily expenses for the pigs in their care.

To support the AMPA Rescue Advocates Sponsorship Program, donate here:

Below are pigs are sponsored by AMPA Rescue Advocates when funds are available:


 Sampson (pictured with his mom) Sponsored by: AMPA Rescue Advocates

SAMPSON: This gentle young boy was found in a shelter in terrible condition. His entire family was emaciated & near death. With no time to spare, Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc jumped in and rescued Sampson, his brother, his mother and his father. His mother and father both spent some time at the hospital to give them a better chance at surviving the effects of this horrible abuse. By the gentle hand of Rooterville’s founder, Elaine West, this rescued family quickly began to enjoy life once again. Merely a week after they were on the bring of death they were walking around, grazing, and enjoying the companionship of each other. Elaine has said the boys just adore their mother. Every time she lays down, the boys gently snuggle against her. Sampson has some deformity to his front legs, a result of the neglect and abuse he suffered so early in his life. This family is forever welcome at Rooterville Sanctuary where they will receive the long term best care. The AMPA Rescue Advocates are committed to sponsoring this sweet boy, with a monthly donation and various other gifts.